Mare Hirsch // All Yellow: the town we live in

ALL YELLOW: the town we live in is an installation and invitation to reimagine familiar aspects of every-day experience. From a collection of suspended music boxes, an unrecognizably slow version of The Beatles classic song Yellow Submarine greets the visitors. The tune softly fills the space as each box plays at a variety of under-tempo rates--rendering a sonic constellation that is both familiar yet elusive in origin.

Through an array of hidden proximity sensors, the music boxes seem to sense the viewer’s presence. As one moves through the space, the tempo of the boxes slow as each is approached in turn, as if they are inviting us to take some time to listen.

All Yellow offers us a moment of awareness and reflection--a place to go where one can check their day at the door and simply listen. With just a small adjustment to the way we perceive our world, the familiar can once again be wonderfully unfamiliar.