Mare Hirsch // Geometric Operations

Geometric Operations is a chance-based, improvisational sculpture practice. The process begins with the selection of the basic geometry that will instanced as the building block for the entire structure. Next, a random-number generator is utilized to dictate which mode of assembly will be implemented. If 0, a series of randomly generated numbers will be utilized to decide the edge-lengths of each geometric primitive. The resulting set of non-uniform geometries are then welded together in the order they were produced. If 1, a randomly generated number is then utilized to decided the number of uniform geometric primitives used in the sculpture. From this set of identical geometries, more random numbers are generated to dictate a point along an edge in which two geometries will be welded together.

The introduction of chance procedures in sculpting is a way to discover new forms and infuse variation into the creative process through a blend of randomness and intuition.

**this page displays the results from the latter process